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Ruukki Corten brings new design opportunities

Known as ‘weathering steel’, Ruukki Corten, like fine wine, exhibits its true qualities with age.  It’s because of this aged look and durability that it’s more becoming more popular than ever within contemporary design.

Ruukki Corten enables architects and designers to push the boundaries on many cutting-edge commercial and residential projects. It’s becoming ever-popular for its striking aesthetic and ability to work in harmony with its environment.

Jon Lee from Cladding Australia Pty Ltd said Ruukki Corten is utilised to stunning effect on housing, museums, wineries and outback tourist centres.

“The material has also established itself as a distinctive choice for contemporary outdoor sculptures,” he said.

“Architects and designers specify Ruukki Corten for its natural warm hues, earthy rich texture and ability to complement its environment as it changes with time. Once exposed to the elements Ruukki Corten oxidises to form an attractive rust-like layer with the ability to self-protect against corrosion and regenerate if damaged.

“”These properties make Ruukki Corten a low-maintenance option and follow the trend for green architecture. Ruukki Corten thrives in Australia’s climate where it has a lifespan of over 50 years.”

Cladding Australia Pty Ltd recently appointed ZC Technical as Ruukki Corten Sheets and Coils distributor for Queensland, Northern Territories and New South Wales.

Ruukki Corten is manufactured in Finland under licence from the U.S. Steel Corporation the inventers and owners of the “Corten” trademark, other weathered steels not produced in accordance to the U.S. Steel licence are an imitation and not the real corten.

“We welcome the opportunity and the chance to work with more architects and landscape planners who favour this remarkable metal,” ZC Technical’s General Manager Simon Johansen said.