Do you only supply materials?

No. Our core business is supply and install, delivering a full end-to-end solution. We can support the planning and design stage, and then take complete control of the measuring, manufacturing and installation process.

Can you supply only?

Yes, we’re flexible in our approach and align our services to client needs although we recommend that we’re involved in the design and layout stages for non-standard products.

What’s your lead time?

We aim to minimise lead times however, timeframes are influenced by material availability and work in progress. Firm dates can be locked in once an order is placed so it’s best to confirm as soon as possible.

Do you supply flat sheets in small quantities?

Yes. We can tailor our offering to suit client needs for boutique jobs and large-scale infrastructure projects.

What warranties do you provide?

A minimum 10 year warranty is provided on all Aluminium, Zinc, Corten and Copper. The comprehensive warranty covers both material and installation.

What’s the cost of your cladding?

Naturally, the cost depends on many factors including the project size, complexity, site access, and panel sizes to name but a few. Estimates can be provided based on plans.

Are we able to view your range of solutions?

Yes. We’re more than happy to organise a time to showcase our range of solutions and manufacturing capability. You may also reference our product technical sheets, project profiles and photo galleries.

Are your systems available in other materials?

Yes. We can discuss the range of options available, and outline the attributes of different materials so you’re able to make a fully-informed decision.

Have you got any standard details you could send through?

We do have product technical sheets as a starting point however, we design solutions to suit specific project needs. Please contact us to discuss your next project.

Is the paint on your aluminium powdercoated?

No. Powdercoated aluminium doesn’t work for these applications. It’s a PVDF paint which is essentially a wet paint that allows the crimping of the flashings and panels. It allows the aluminium to expand and contract without paint cracking.

Is there an alternative backing to plywood?

Yes there is. If you are required to meet certain certifications or building codes, such as fire ratings, please let us know.