"The Elements" North Byron Beach Resort

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“The Elements” North Byron Beach Resort

Double Lock Standing Seam


Year completed: 2015

Builder: Bennett Constructions

Size: 5200 m2

Custom Creations

Elements of Byron’s roof shape design was inspired by sand dunes. Under no circumstances would the client let their vision be compromised during the planning process.

The client wanted to create the illusion of an endless form to the resort which is nestled within the natural beauty of North Byron’s beachscape.

ZC Technical were called in to salvage the job after the builder had been let down by another supplier whose product was found out to be unsuitable for the complex 5,200m2 roof. Our creative craftsmen had to work to a tight timeframe whilst maintaining the highest standards of workmanship to meet completion dates.

Proven profiles, precious metals

Utilising the proven profile of a double lock standing seam system we were able to work with the steel structure that had already been erected to arrive at an innovative, tailor-made solution.

After 4 weeks measuring the roof we produced 1,800 individual tapered roof elements. No two panels had the same dimensions leaving us with no margin for error.

A cross joint in the panels 8 metres below the ridge added further complexity. In order to give the structure its free flowing form, we needed to follow the shape of the ridge exactly. This meant that the cross joints were at very different angles.

We worked with zinc grey textured aluminium due to its naturally protective qualities and malleability. We also custom manufactured each element to meet the design demands and withstand the corrosive coastal conditions.

Lifelong value

Our tenacious approach ensured that we took this ambitious project through to completion when the initial company engaged for the job couldn’t go any further.

The roof has given a beautiful, sweeping form to the building. Built from elements of exceptional quality to the highest standards, the structure will remain in harmony with its breathtaking environment for years to come.


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Simon and his team at ZC Technical advised and delivered a most outstanding roof cladding system to the roof at Elements of Byron Resort in Byron Bay. The brief from our client was to build a building ‘shaped like a sand dune’. This was highly technical, achieved with remarkable effect.
Each sheet was individually rolled and shaped so that all seams pointed to two control points on either side of the pool.

This roof involved the application of world first technologies and the team from ZC Technical finished it on program and to budget.

Marty Brennan. Bennett Constructions